Nanny background check 月嫂、育儿嫂背景调查

Request a nanny background check for $189. You will receive a comprehensive report via email within 24 hours. Secure Kids, Relieved Parents!

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Identity Lookup
Nannies often use different names at work. Leveraging our expansive databases, we can link these aliases and their associated records, giving you a complete picture.
Historical Reviews
Reviews from the past 600 days are available for free on our website. If you're serious about hiring, older reviews revealed in the background check report might be helpful.
Offline Feedback
Not everyone is comfortable with posting public reviews and many prefer sharing feedback with us via offline channels. These comments, not published online, are confidentially integrated into our reports, safeguarding reviewer anonymity.
Comprehensive Records
Scrutinizing County and Federal Criminal Records, Federal Civil Cases, Sex Offender lists, Prohibited Parties Checks, Department of Corrections data, and more, we endeavor to provide thorough due diligence for your hiring decision.



1: When should a nanny background check be requested?
Employing a stranger to work in your home is a major decision, which is why background checks are commonly used in pre-employment screening.
92% of our clients have already completed their screening and interviews, utilizing our professional background check service to thoroughly investigate their candidates before extending an offer.
2: How is different from other background check providers?
  • Privacy: Nannies are not made aware of the background check at any point.
  • Speed: With a 24-hour turnaround time, our service is one of the fastest in the industry.
  • Exclusive Chinese Nanny Data: As a unique player in the Chinese nanny industry, we have developed the most powerful network for gathering feedback and monitoring activities.
3: If a nanny is not listed in, can I still request a background check?

Absolutely! While online profiles are often created by employers, which is just one of our data sources, we can still perform a full background check across all our other databases to provide you with valuable information.

4: Can you provide more information on how conducts background checks?

Certainly! Like many other background check providers, we pay significant licensing fees each year to access external databases for standard checks such as criminal reports and civil cases. Additionally, we have developed a robust system to continuously collect feedback and monitor activities from multiple channels and store them in our internal databases. When a background check request is made, our team will query all of our internal and external databases based on your specifications and include all relevant information in the report.