The table below is an overview of the background check on Chen, Meili, for more details please check out the corresponding sections.

Private Reviews!
Chat History!
Nanny Community!
County Criminal Courthouse Records!
Federal Criminal Records
Federal Civil Cases
Sex Offenders
Prohibited Parties Check
Department of Corrections


It’s not rare for a nanny to use a different identity/name when applying for the job. To verify the person's real identity, we conducted a thorough search across multiple databases.

We have high confidence that the person is using the real name


It‘s generally recommended to know the address of the nanny candidate. Otherwise, if you have any legal dispute in the future, it will be challenging to serve court papers without an address.
Records show the person may have resided or worked at the following addresses/areas:
  • 123 Nanny Ave, Seattle, WA
We also did a nationwide search for real estate properties that are owned by the person.
Records show the person is the property owner of 0.

Private Reviews

Not everyone is comfortable with sharing a public review online and some choose to leave us private reviews through multiple channels to inform future employers.
! We have received private reviews associated with the person and the average ratings are as follows:
Messages left by the reviewers:

“她在下工前,要求我们给她写5星好评。思来想去,还是留一个private review提醒后来的人吧” “经常一边带宝宝一边玩手机,工上一直暗示我们写好评”

Chat History

Moms love to share their nanny stories in Wechat groups and important information may be discovered from the piles of chat history.

! The person was mentioned in Wechat groups and the comments are as follow:

“我家陈阿姨非常固执己见,很难商量,说了宝宝晚上不能抱着睡,要放回床里,总是不听。老说自己带了十几年孩子了,没事的。” “经常一顿饭要做3个小时,感觉故意拖时间偷懒,好像一直在跟别人微信”

Nanny Community

Nannies have their communities and activities are being monitored.
Image 0

! Records show that the person is most likely involved in the nanny referral business. Generally speaking, nannies who are actively involved in this type of business tend to spend more time on the phone during work hours.


Note that older records from the early 1990s and prior are not digitized and as such, cannot be found electronically.

No Digitized Bankruptcy Records associated with the person were found.

County Criminal Courthouse Records

County Criminal Records Searches help find criminal court records such as felonies and misdemeanors.

! Records show that the person was associated with the following charge(s) in the past: ISSUING WORTHLESS CHECK

Federal Criminal Records

Federal cases typically involve violations of federal criminal law, such as tax evasion, fraud, embezzlement, mail and wire fraud, immigration law violations, postal offenses, interstate drug trafficking, arms violations, kidnapping, and other crimes that occurred on federal property and/or violate federal laws.

No Federally Criminal Records associated with the person were found.

Federal Civil Cases

Federal Civil Records Search offers nationwide access to federal litigation dockets for adjudicated civil cases from all U.S. Federal District courts excluding Alaska, Guam, Idaho, New Mexico, and Northern Marianas Islands.

No Federally Civil Cases associated with the person were found.

Sex Offenders

We ran a search in a nationwide database that aggregates public information from state, territorial, and local registries.

The person is not listed as a national sex offender.

Prohibited Parties Check

The global reach of terrorism in today’s world makes it essential that every applicant is screened against the list of known entities not allowed to work or do business with the United States. Prohibited Parties Check searches the applicant’s name against several U.S. Government watch lists to identify any known prohibited individuals or entities.

No known prohibited individuals or entities associated with the person were found.

Department of Corrections

We also searched the local Department of Corrections that may pick up additional relevant data such as arrest records, outstanding warrants, and convictions.

No record associated with the person was found.