Nanny background check at $89. The investigation will complete within 24 hours and a comprehensive report will be email delivered to you.

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Our Background Check


Identity Lookup

Multi-database search to see if the caregiver has employment history or customer reviews under other names/identities

Historical Reviews

Reviews that were written more than 800 days ago will be disclosed in the background check report

Criminal Reports

County Criminal Courthouse Records, Federal Criminal Records, Civil Cases, Sex Offenders, and more

Private Reviews

Not everyone is comfortable with writing public reviews and some left us private reviews to inform future employers



1: When to request a nanny background check?
Hiring a stranger to work at your home is a big deal and that's why a background check is commonly involved in pre-employment screening.
92% of our clients have already done their screening and interview, leveraging our professional background check service to dig as deep into their candidates as possible before extending an offer.
2: What makes different from other background check service providers?
  • Privacy: The nanny will NOT be aware of the background check at all.
  • Speed: 24-hour delivery is one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.
  • Exclusive Chinese Nanny Data: Thanks to our unique position in the Chinese Nanny industry, we have developed the most powerful network to collect feedback and monitor activities.
3: For a nanny who is not listed in, can I still request a background check?

Yes, you can! Online profiles are mostly created by employers, which is just one of our data sources. You may find valuable information through a full background check across all the other databases.

4: What are private reviews? How do collect them? is a platform where parents share their nanny reviews but the reality is not everyone is comfortable with writing a public review. For example, there are cases where parents wrote an honest public review, got retaliation from the nanny, and ended up converting their public reviews to private reviews.

To inform future employers, these parents leave us private reviews through our website, Wechat, 小红书, and emails. To protect these reviewers, private reviews are not publicly displayed and will only be disclosed to future employers through a background check.

5: Can you explain in more detail how does the background check?

Sure! Like many other service providers, we are paying hefty license fees to gain access to some key external databases for basic checks. On top of that, we have built a system to constantly collect feedback and monitor activities from multiple channels and store them in our internal databases. When a background check request comes in, our team will query all of our internal and external databases and put all relevant information into the report.