Xian, Qiuyun

Xian, Qiuyun

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Phone:+1 (415) 823-6294 

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Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin
Services: Live-in nanny

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  • Evidence Submitted
    2 months ago | USA
    Service type: Yue Sao (Confinement Lady)
    We would like to recommend our Nanny Qiu who will be available again starting 2023. Qiu has 10 experiences taking care of babies. We think she is good in nature, detail oriented and very easy to communicate with.

    Qiu has been taking care of our baby girl from June to December. Our baby is now 13 months old. She speaks Cantonese and Chinese, we have her from Monday to Saturday working during the day time, we send her back home on Saturday night. In July, we have to hire a nanny when our parents have to go back to China. Then we found Qiu in the parents-mtv@ group when someone wrote a recommendation for her. Now our grandparents were able to come back to the US by the end of the month.

    Some more details about why I think she is a good nanny. We have been collaborating / hiring 6 nannies since after our baby was born. She definitely ranks top among these nannies. During the past half year, our baby grew fast and happily without a single incident. She also likes to do house work during her spare time although we didn’t ask for that.

    One thing to point out is that. At the start, we had some difficulty understanding each other because we don’t speak Catonese and sometimes she didn't understand what we said, but she listened carefully, she executed very well according to our requests. She took the feedback well. At first she does not do much early education with the baby, but after we request her to do so, she sings and reads books to our baby frequently.


    补充一些细节:我们小孩出生到现在已经找过5个阿姨了(一个月嫂,有一个放了我们鸽子,有一个只能做半天,还有一个完全不行)。 阿姨是非常不错的,她首先对宝宝是有爱心的,人很讲诚信,也很细心,在她手里宝宝没有出过任何问题,开开心心,健健康康长大的。她上工时间不玩手机,有时间会做家务,我们也没有要求她做。


    Her contact(联系方式): 415-823-6294, message (preferred) or call her
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