Yanhui Han
Yanhui Han(未认证)
3.5 (2 reviews)
From: 广东
Service type: 住家育儿嫂 , 月嫂


出于法律原因,对于未认证授权的阿姨,平台将隐藏部分联系方式。 (咨询客服)

Wechat:  ***Tyyywww
Phone:   ***-756-8030


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  • by v249596who claims to have hired
    这个阿姨小孩带的还行,不过人非常丢三落四,不小心,经常把家里的东西搞坏,把小孩的东西搞丢或者不知道放哪了。冰箱门没关或者火忘关了都不知道。照顾小婴儿有点笨手笨脚,洗澡什么的也不太会,搞的到处都是水,照顾大点小孩还可以。... Show more
  • by v529060who claims to have hired
    She is really good at playing with kid, especially a little older ones like one plus. She likes to invent new games, very talkative, very patient, always love to read books and play blocks, games with kid. kids love her. I would give her full points in baby sitting task.

    Things to consider before hiring her:

    1. She is quite nosy.
    2. She sometimes likes to take small advantage of employer, asking for extra things like cable, socks etc.
    3. She implies you need to increase her pay because of market price every now and then.
    4. She is not honest with her past experience. I got to know from other people she left her previous jobs because of the payment but what she told me is because the previous employer no longer needs nanny.
    4. She is clumsy in other household task. You can see her wiping the baby's room, but it's still not clean.
    ... Show more