provides a review system for careseekers to share their nanny experience and we have the following two mechanisms in place to protect the platform from deceptive or unfair reviews.

Review verification system

Based on the evidence of employment provided, our system may classify a review as Evidence, Suspicious, or leave it unclassified. The meanings are:

  • Evidence: A review will be labeled with Evidence if at least two out of the following three types of proof of employment are submitted:

    - Payment: A screenshot of the payment made to the caregiver, which clearly shows the recipient's name, payment method, and transaction date.

    - Communication: A screenshot of the chat history or messages (e.g. WeChat) that demonstrates the employment relationship, with clear timestamps.

    - Agreement: A contract or agreement that includes both names, payment amount, and service dates.

  • Suspicious: We don't receive sufficient evidence to show the review is from a former employer or we are detecting multiple reviews from a single employer. In this case, we will send an email to the reviewer requesting more information. If there is no response within 30 days, the review will be removed.
  • Unlabeled: We cannot determine the credibility of the review at this point.

Appeal a review

The above system can cover most of the cases but it could be wrong at times. That's why we also keep the channel open for both the reviewer and the caregiver to appeal:

1) For the reviewer:
Please send us an email to with details on why you think your review is mislabeld and our staff will look into it and respond within 14 business days.

2) For the caregiver:
  • Verified profile only
    At this point, we only accept appeal requests from the owner of a verified profile.
  • How to appeal?
    From the dashboard of your verified profile, you can submit your appeal request and our staff will start the investigation. During this process, we will go through every single review of the caregiver and may also request evidence from reviewers:
        a. If there is sufficient evidence to show that the review was from a real former employer, we will label it with Evidence and keep it visible to the public.
        b. Otherwise, the review will be labeled with Suspicious and removed after 30 days. An email will also be sent to the reviewer and the reviewer has 30 days to respond.
  • Please note: Once the appeal process kicks off, all reviews of the caregiver will be investigated.