You can't proceed as there is no verified former employer of 苏君婵 at this point.

Request to chat with a former employer. Steps as follow:

1: Submit your request and make a payment of $30. ($20 will go to a former employer as an incentive).
2. Your request will be automatically forwarded to all former employers of 苏君婵.
3. Once a former employer accepts your request, we will notify you by email along with instructions to chat. (Decided by the former employer, can be Wechat/phone/message/FB/zoom)

Please note:
- We will refund you if no former employer accepts your request within 48 hours.
- Your privacy is our top priority and we will never disclose your identity to anyone.

1) Prove you are considering hiring the nanny

- To protect former employers from harassment, you're required to submit evidence to show that you're a potential customer of the nanny.
- Example: screenshots of the conversations between you and the nanny.

2) Your email address
- We will follow up with you through this email