Last updated: 2021/06 - 2022/06
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Overall Reported Nanny Monthly Rate

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Most people pay their nanny around $5800 - $6100 per month. Please note:

  • (Postpartum) Nanny’s monthly rate is usually based on 26 days.
  • This data does not include tips or fees for special services.
  • This analysis includes all states, however, we notice there’s a huge discrepancy among different areas. For example, in California, most people pay around $6500-$7400 per month and it can go as high as over 10K.
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Trend of Nanny Daily Rates

From 2021/06 to 2022/06, the nanny daily rates increased by 12.7%.

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Data sources

Our data is submitted voluntarily by our users. Currently, we have users that cover 42 states.

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