There is 1 verified former employer of 曾燕萍 that you can request to chat with.

Request to chat with a former employer. Steps as follow:

Step 1. Submit your request and make a payment of $30;
Step 2. forwards your chat request to all former employers through email;
Step 3. One of them will connect with you through wechat;
Step 4. sends the former employer you chat with a $20 Amazon e-gift card after the chat.

Please note: Parents can be busy. If no former emmployer accepts your chat request within 24 hours, we will issue you a full refund.

1) Email address
- We will follow up with you through this email
2) Wechat ID
Please make sure you can be searched through Wechat ID
3) Intent to hire

- To protect former employers from harassment, you're required to submit evidence to show that you're a potential customer of the nanny.
- Example: screenshots of the conversations between you and the nanny.